Kim Köster creates worlds of melancholic beauty. His interdisciplinary works combines diverse techniques: Painting, photography and programming form a unique oeuvre. Köster is inspired by the beauty of fragile worlds within brutal landscapes of apocalyptic decay and constructions.

Ana Somnia

Ana Somnia has been nominated for 'the best Web Art' at the 15th Webby Awards (2011) in Seattle. It is an art project that emulates how humans dream - combining animation of a childish figure, codes, random shapes, half remembered memories and soundscapes. Illustrations merge in manifold permutations into a little beautifully designed world, different each time in its combination, when you turn out the lights.

Strahlende Orte

Seven artists from Russia, Belarus and Germany travel 20 years after the Chernobyl disaster (1986) to the hostile restricted area. This project emerges on the initiative of Vitali Shkliarou and Sergey Abramchuk who witnessed the catastrophe as a child. Köster’s work commemorate a catastrophe that can happen easily again.

99 Rooms

A scintillating intermediary world, which invites the observer into a journey through its morbidly beautiful rooms. This unique, interactive art project interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now. It was the first work with his collective 'Rostlaub', for which he got an award at the 16th Flash film festival (2006) in New York.

Kim Köster · Mariannenstrasse 31 · 10999 Berlin Kreuzberg · Germany · Phone +49 (0)170 9040512 ·
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