Kim Köster

Through various techniques Artist, Kim Köster composes images, which reveal an abstract and magical world. Köster works with various rooms and displays, projecting a permanent tension between intuition and construction.

Driven by his own unique style, Köster’s works are composed of painted surfaces and materials in redesigned spaces. The works avidly employ new media, allowing for wide public accessibility, with his “Ana Somnia”, having been excited over 12 million people.

"Humanity has arrived at the uncontrollable chaos of mechanization, consumption and speed. Therefore decay; dirt and damage become the observable products of a technically overloaded information and industrial society."

Kim Köster was born and raised in the North German village of Worpswede. This ‘Art Colony’, enriched with an enduring influence of Art Nouveau was also the home to countless notable Impressionists and Expressionists. After beginning with drawings and watercolours as his first works, Köster entered the global street art arena and graffiti scene, traveling across Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and ultimately experimenting with and developing a new and unique art form.

The works are a combination of sundry materials and artistic inspiration, a fusion of reality and fiction. The extemporaneous search for these aesthetics creates a cavalierly composition in Köster’s works, free from the conventions of mainstream.

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Kim Köster creates worlds of melancholic beauty. His interdisciplinary works combines diverse techniques: Painting, photography and programming form a unique oeuvre. Köster is inspired by the beauty of fragile worlds within brutal landscapes of apocalyptic decay and constructions.

Ana Somnia

Is an art project that emulates how humans dream - combining animation of a childish figure, codes, random shapes, half remembered memories and soundscapes. Illustrations merge in manifold permutations into a little beautifully designed world, different each time in its combination, when you turn out the lights. Visit Project


Is a picture book app that creatively invites its users to indulge in reflection, laughter, amazement and philosophical thinking with children. Visit Project

99 Rooms

A scintillating intermediary world, which invites the observer into a journey through its morbidly beautiful rooms. This unique, interactive art project interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now. Visit Project